A successful cloud hosting business needs networking, virtualisation, load-balancing, storage and backup to all work perfectly in concert. But existing single vendors solutions are incomplete and expensive and multi-vendor approaches leave gaps that have to be filled with unreliable manual processes, custom scripts and workrounds that become impossible to manage and maintain.

As Luke Marsden, HybridCluster’s CEO and founder describes:

Running our own hosting company since 2001 exposed all the problems. We were continuously battling hardware, software and network issues. After a few too many late-night trips to the data centre, I thought to myself: there has to be a better way. Studying theoretical computer science at Oxford University helped me crystalise my vision for an ambitious new project — one which uses ZFS, local storage, graph theory, and a perfect combination of open source components to create a platform uniquely aligned to solving the problems faced by hosters and cloud service providers.

Four years of R&D and real-world testing resulted in the launch of the first release of HybridCluster early in 2012. That first product, deployed into production with cloud hosting companies, proved both the concept and the ability of the company to deliver.

The roll-out of that product and a solid reference customer base proved the competitiveness of HybridCluster’s solution, leading to major investment and the development and launch of the v2.0 product in 2013.

HybridCluster is based in beautiful Bristol, England, also known as Silicon Gorge.


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