We have assembled a fantastic team of experts and specialists in computer science and web technology, aided by a network of senior industry advisors.


Luke Marsden
Luke Marsden - CEO

Luke Marsden has a 1st class Computer Science degree from Oxford University and 12 years of experience building web apps & running a web hosting company. Inspired by the practical problems faced in his web hosting company, he initiated the development of HybridCluster.

Rob Haswell
Rob Haswell - CTO

Rob Haswell brings 11 years of programming experience to his role of CTO. He is a razor sharp systems architect and programmer more than capable of driving the development of HybridCluster’s products.

Other Directors

Mike Smithson
Mike Smithson - Founder

Mike Smithson is one of the founding investors and directors at Hybrid Cluster.

John Baits
John Baits - DN Capital

John Baits of DN Capital has spent over 31 years in senior technology roles in IT and Telecommunications.

Charles Grimsdale
Charles Grimsdale - Eden Ventures

Charles is a co-founder of Eden Ventures and one of Eden’s Investment Managers.

David May
David May - Non-Executive Director

Professor of Computer Science at Bristol University and CTO of XMOS.


Jason Seats - formerly of Rackspace

Jason Seats is the Managing Director of TechStars Cloud and TechStars Austin. He founded @Slicehost which was then sold to @Rackspace

Toivo Annus - formerly of Skype

Prior to ASI, Toivo was the co-founder of communication software company Skype, where he built and led a world-class engineering organization of 120 team members. He has extensive experience with emerging technologies and maintains a very broad as well as deep understanding of the tech sector.

Anil Hansjee - formerly of Google

Formerly the Head of Corporate Development EMEA at Google, Anil Hansjee is an investor in the early seed companies in the internet space and is currently creating a disruptive funding approach to that market.

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