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Whilst our CEO Luke is continuing his business travels in California (poor Luke!), I thought I would give an update on my first (and hopefully not last) HostingCon. We arrived back into London on Saturday after pretty much a full week over in Austin. My thoughts (of a madman) go something like this:

The industry is changing.

Differentiation was a word used often……Web Hosting firms are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering higher value, more profitable services. This is both to drive growth but and also avoid the “battle to the bottom” that is faced by the sector.

- A number of larger organisations have tried to build what HybridCluster have built…..of these, a very significant majority have failed – costing them large sums of time, money and resource.
- A number of organisations, typically smaller, have not looked at deploying their own internal system as they don’t have the time, money and resource – so have looked at off the shelf….but not found anything.
- The HybridCluster solution allows them to do this – out the box. One could call it a “Turnkey Solution” (see the bottom of this blog for a definition of Turnkey)
- We were viewed as unique, premium and thought leading.

So – All of the above makes me, the business, our backers and the board confident that what we have here addresses both the business need and technical requirement. Good for us, our clients – and most importantly – the clients that they serve.

Aside from the above, here are some other things gleamed from the week:

- Austin is excellent for beer, music, roof top parties and more beer.
- Stephen from APYL ( was more than generous in bringing us some authentic Texas alcohol to take home. I managed to sneak off with the Whisky however I’ve been told, by the CEO (boo), I can only open it at the HybridCluster barbecue.
- The food is great but my waistline does not appreciate it.
- It is hot, very hot.
- Avoid the journey I took to get there (2 hour car hire journey to Linate airport in Italy, flight to Heathrow, 2 hour stopover, flight to Chicago, 1 hour 30 stop over + 1 hour 30 delay, flight to Houston, 3 hour taxi journey to Austin).

For those of you who have read to the end, well done. Here is a definition stolen from the web for a Turnkey Solution: A type of system that can be easily implemented into current business processes. A turnkey solution is immediately ready to use upon implementation and is designed to fulfill a certain process such as billing, website design, training or content management.

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  1. Welcome to the hosting world, Benton :)

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  2. Glad it was a successful trip – look forward to watching your sales grow in line with your waist ;-)

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