I ran out of time rather than motivation….

I’m off on annual leave tomorrow (only for a day!) and just realised I’ve not done my weekly blog. Naughty me.

I was intending to write about innovation as it is something that you will see more and more from HybridCluster. The blog title/question posed was going to be “Is it our roadmap, or our customers roadmap?”….however I have run out of time to write something proper and intend to think it over at the weekend, perhaps (definitely) with a cool beer in my hand….. One request though – if anyone does have any opinions on innovation then please let me know as I’d welcome hearing experiences both good and bad.

So – as I don’t have much time I thought i’d cheat and use YouTube as part of my blog to keep you occupied. Now I am not normally a fan of motivational video’s however I saw this one and thought it was really applicable to being in a growing startup (or any business for that matter.. or life??!!). I especially like the JK Rowling quote (1:10) – which is odd considering I’m one of the few people on this planet never to have gone near one of her books……Anyway – check out the video, have a great weekend, stay motivated, and go innovate(!).
A rather good motivational video…..

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