“It’s the economy, stupid”. Actually, it’s our customers’ customers, stupid.

I’m a big fan of Bill Clinton’s “It’s the economy, stupid” quote and it got me thinking about what HybridCluster does & what it means for our customers. I then realised it isn’t about our customers, it’s about our customers’ customers. It seems obvious but it hadn’t really dawned on me! Anyway, when you work in technology it’s all too easy to get excited about the latest and greatest tech however I remember from my days at IBM being told “people don’t buy technology for technologies sake” – there needs to be a business benefit. This applies directly to hosting companies end customers…..they may (indeed will!) have little interest in the underlying technology but place a lot of importance on the benefits. So – what do our customers’ customers want?

• High availability with failover that works. I think this is a little bit like an insurance premium….if I bump my car, make a claim, and the insurance company doesn’t pay out….then the premium was worthless! Our customers customers are prepared to pay for handling the unexpected as long as the promise (failover!) delivers.
• Scalability that adds capacity on demand. Again this is handling the unexpected. My real world example of this, wearing my sales hat, is ensuring our sign up process is as efficient as possible. I don’t want to run a marketing campaign that drives significant demand if we are unable to process the opportunities!
• Snapshotting that allows point in time restore. Being a simple man, to me this is a little like the undo button….its something you use when you need to reverse a mistake i.e when I have accidentally deleted something! (FYI I’m not keen on the word mistake as something like a hack isn’t a mistake….but it’s the best analogy I can come up with!). If anyone wants to join my campaign to renaming “undo” to “rescue” just let me know – I think its a better description.

So – If I put myself in my customers’ customers shoes I want insurance that pays out, a sign up process that can scale and a clever undo button…it just so happens to run on HybridCluster.

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