This video demonstrates the three key pillars of HybridCluster:

  • We first show that flooding two sites with web requests results in the cluster giving each site its own dedicated server thanks to our Intelligent Auto-Scaling.
  • We then show that a user accidentally trashing their application’s database is now recoverable, thanks to our Rapid-restore Data Vault
  • Finally we show that ripping the only disk out of a server — while making the server itself very unhappy — results in the cluster immediately failing over to a working server thanks to our High-Availability self-healing cluster technology.

I've been putting the site and cluster through it's paces and it's all working perfectly. Thanks for all your hard work

Simon Goodchild, WPSymposium

The cluster is working perfectly, Rob & Dave have been very helpful – the platform and the WHMCS integration is great!

Fabrizio Leo, CEO, FlameNetworks - Enterprise Hosting Solutions
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