This video demonstrates the three key pillars of HybridCluster:

  • We first show that flooding two sites with web requests results in the cluster giving each site its own dedicated server thanks to our Intelligent Auto-Scaling.
  • We then show that a user accidentally trashing their application’s database is now recoverable, thanks to our Rapid-restore Data Vault
  • Finally we show that ripping the only disk out of a server — while making the server itself very unhappy — results in the cluster immediately failing over to a working server thanks to our High-Availability self-healing cluster technology.

The cluster is working perfectly, Rob & Dave have been very helpful – the platform and the WHMCS integration is great!

Fabrizio Leo, CEO, FlameNetworks - Enterprise Hosting Solutions

I've been putting the site and cluster through it's paces and it's all working perfectly. Thanks for all your hard work

Simon Goodchild, WPSymposium
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