High-Availability Platform

HybridCluster delivers ultra high availability for you and your customers’ web applications, databases and email at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. Recovery from site, server, network or disk failures is fully automated and measured in seconds and minutes rather than hours and days.



HybridCluster is Self-Healing – it has been designed from the ground-up to automatically recover when hardware, software, networks or even entire regions fail. It does this using automatic backups and snapshots that are taken every few minutes and distributed across all the machines, combined with the automatic migration of websites and applications between all machines. Much of the core intellectual property that HybridCluster has developed is in this area of high-availability and resilient distributed systems.

HybridCluster transforms the normal concept of a backup/recovery regime for hosting businesses. Rather than you taking daily or hourly backups with a separate backup application and using this as the primary means of recovery from a disk or server failure, HybridCluster continuously and automatically replicates data across machines and fully automates failover/recovery procedures between machines in a cluster and across clusters.

For larger scale businesses that use or are looking at SANs HybridCluster provides a radically cheaper and more flexible solution. By using locally attached storage we dramatically reduce the cost of the overall solution while providing a system that can scale to support even the largest hosting and enterprise systems with industry leading standards of integrity and resilience.

Business benefits

HybridCluster enables hosting organisations to provide high-availability services at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. It dramatically reduces the operational overhead of recovering from disk and server failures and scales to support failover between entire sites and regions.

The same HA features completely simplify many other administrative tasks – for example machine installs and upgrades become trivial because workloads are automatically re-distributed when machines are added and removed from the live cluster.

The three pillars of HybridCluster

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Data Vault

Move from a backup window to a continuous replicated environment, allowing customers and sysadmins to instantaneously rollback to automatically-taken snapshots.

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