Intelligent Auto-Scaling

HybridCluster’s super dense auto-scaling enables you to provide and charge for scaling the resources available to any website or application in response to spikes in traffic. And it combines this with the ability to dramatically improve the density of your hosting.



Rather than strangling a site which is experiencing high traffic, HybridCluster dynamically live-migrates other websites or applications on that server to other servers in the cluster, with no downtime for any sites. This enables individual sites to be scaled up to a dedicated machine and back down again automatically. It also protects other websites or applications from being taken offline if a single website is being swamped with requests.

This unique capability is combined with a dramatic increase in the density with which you can host sites on a server. HybridCluster uses highly secure, lightweight virtualisation techniques resulting in much lower memory utilisation per site than alternatives such as a hypervisor based virtual environment per customer. This in turn increases the density with which you can host sites by up to 4x.

Business benefits

In a shared-hosting environment it’s critical for a hosting company to maximise the number of sites that are hosted on each server to reduce capex and opex costs per customer. However unless you can provide auto-scaling then the risk is always that a single site that suddenly attracts significant traffic overloads the server causing all the sites to fail.

Our system provides this intelligent auto-scaling, at the same time as enabling significantly higher densities than other alternatives. And we also provide the ability to bill for this capability, thereby enabling profitable new product offers to be made to customers.

The three pillars of HybridCluster

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Data Vault

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