HybridCluster integrates all the software components you need – distributed proxy server, virtualisation, load-balancing, operating system, distributed filesystem, continuously replicating backup, management and customer UI’s – into a single package delivering unprecedented levels of reliability and performance. HybridCluster, out the box, allows you drive new revenue streams and profit as well as differentiating you from your competition. A premium solution for premium providers.

HybridCluster replaces all your ad-hoc operations, manual interventions, scripts and point solutions with one complete, scalable and flexible stack to deploy across your existing hardware.

It also enables you to move hundreds of thousands of WordPress, Magento etc sites onto low-cost, high-density servers while delivering enterprise-class reliability and ease-of-management.

Furthermore, HybridCluster enables profitable and innovative new services to be marketed to your customers – for example customer-managed rollback and recovery with the Data Vault and Intelligent Auto-Scaling.

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