Rapid-Restore Data Vault

Safeguarding your hosting users against accidental loss or change to their data, HybridCluster includes a consumer-level interface to restore any website, database or mailbox to an earlier point in time: perfect for countering both human-error or malicious attack.



Every now and then, people make mistakes. Just one wrong click can accidentally delete a vital email, or purge a row in a database that held important information. Maybe a file might be overwritten with an incorrect version. Sometimes the mistake might not be a user action; it might be a typo, an error or oversight on the part of a stressed programmer, working under pressure of time to deliver a system, opening up an application vulnerability that can later be exploited by a hacker for malicious gain or damage to data. These mistakes are easy to make and understandable, but can result in consequences that will have a real impact on the operations of a company reliant on their online presence and email to conduct day-to-day business.

Historically, users of shared hosting platforms have had few options available by way of recourse if data is changed or lost as a result of accidental alteration or malicious attack. The traditional solution is to run daily backups of entire websites and databases, creating what can be very large archive files and storing them in some external medium, be it tape, remote FTP or download to a local disk. These backups might then be held off-site, causing substantial delays in locating, retrieving and restoring them when needed. Compounding the problem, email is often overlooked in implementing this approach.

HybridCluster’s Rapid Restore Data Vault provides a comprehensive solution to the issues of human-error and exploitation of application-level security vulnerabilities. By capturing every change to a file system, be it web space, a database or inbox, our platform gives hosting consumers the ability to instantly revert any of these data stores to the exact state they were in at an earlier point in time.


Business Benefits

Rapid-restore data vault is a feature that adds additional value to shared hosting packages running on a HybridCluster system. By giving your customers an extra layer of security to protect the integrity of their data and eliminate the need to self-manage backups of their file systems (in the manner they would need to with an interface such as cPanel), as a service provider you are able to justify a higher monthly subscription for access to this unique feature.

Your users will benefit from a simple and intuitive interface that will allow them to select a website, database or mailbox and browse changes between versions from the comfort of their web browser. Snapshots are organised by date and time and your customers can roll-back to a previous version with a simple, single click.

Further, HybridCluster systems provide a version of the popular Roundcube webmail client, customised to work with our data vault. This provides users the option to login to their webmail’s current inbox and select previous snapshots from a dropdown menu, providing an easy and hassle-free mechanism for instant retrieval of a lost or accidentally deleted message.

The availability of this feature as a standard component of the user-facing control panel will reduce requests to your customer support team, freeing up human resources for more mission-critical operations – no more frivolous chasing for data from an off-site archive that has only become necessary as a result of user or application-level error.

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Data Vault

Move from a backup window to a continuous replicated environment, allowing customers and sysadmins to instantaneously rollback to automatically-taken snapshots.

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