For some customers the isolation and control that dedicated servers provide are more important than the limitations and risks of hosting on a single server. Specifying hardware for the worst-case scenario is expensive and inefficient, and upgrading to a clustered solution with centralised storage is outside of the average budget.

With HybridCluster you can offer your customers an affordable, natural upgrade path from single dedicated servers to two or more. They will enjoy the benefits of native high availability, scalability and constant data protection on their own simple-to-manage private cloud.

You will benefit from
  • Selling more dedicated servers
  • A new revenue stream
  • Differentiating your products from competitors
  • Reducing support requirements
Your customers will benefit from
  • No additional development required for applications
  • Protection against spikes in traffic
  • Replacing or upgrading hardware without downtime
  • Ability to rollback websites, databases and mailboxes

Case Study: Case Study One


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